Do you know how does our website works? NO? No problem, go through the steps given below, and you will know it.

Complete Surveys

By completing the surveys given in our website, you can earn a good amount of points. For this, you only need to complete the easy survey and fill the easy form.

The surveys will be about some products or services where you have to be unbiased and complete it according to your own experience.

By completing the surveys, you will be able to earn points.

Play Games

Who doesn’t like playing games? I’m sure you will like it. And the cherry on the cake is when you earn Xbox gift cards by just playing the games.

The twist is that you have to play the games which we are asking you to and not the one you like.

We will be providing the task where you need to play games, and those games will help you in earning points.

Download Apps

Downloading apps will be very easy as there is no hard work needed. But it will be worth only if you download the app for the given time and by following the conditions we will provide you.

In our website, you will see tasks where you have to download some apps, and for downloading the app and earning points.

You must check in to the app every day and keep it downloaded for some days or weeks according to the terms and conditions. By doing that, you will earn points.

Give Your Feedback

Your feedback is important for us, and that’s why we are providing points by giving your feedback.

For this, you need to complete our those tasks where the feedback is required and complete it by giving the feedback where you only have to write what you think about the particular service or product.

You will again earn many points, and that will be very effective for obtaining free Xbox gift cards as it will not take more than 2 minutes.